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Valued Partners

We are uniquely positioned in the event hosting industry, networked with the largest assembly of event hosting professionals, people who regularly manage guest hosting spaces across all types of venues. Invariably, this means expertise in handling event supplies and this makes it easier for us to collaborate, as these professionals understand the intricacies of event essentials like table linens or colorful backdrops apart from dinner-ware and serve-ware. We are eager to meet more event property management agencies and professionals as the type of venues and the scale of events continues to undergo a paradigm change. Better networking also means understanding the rising challenges across newer, more untraditional guest hosting locations. Growing our ecosystem, we are getting more vocal about the need to work with a wider pool of event planners and service providers, including caterers, photographers, party planners, banquet hall managers, and venue decorators. We realize that this is a constant process and we are trying to get more social about it. Our team is sensitive to the fact that beyond the realm of top banquets or hotels and fine dining destinations, there is scope for more sales and skills realization. This includes less mainstream but equally important event venues like farmhouses, marquee destinations, stately homes, larger residential complexes, and community centers. For us, it is not the size of your business operations but the need for contemporary event hosting supplies that is the prime differentiator! To start a conversation and perhaps become our Valuable Partner, please share essential details about your service or business at this email ID: