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Satin / Dupioni Overlays (Square Tablecloth)

Life without change and variations would be a dull and monotonous affair. Same goes for an event. Hosting an event with similar kind of ambience becomes too familiar to be enjoyed. The Satin / Dupioni Overlays will help you break the usual mould and add variations to the events that you host. The combination of two different textured fabrics offers you an option to easily switch between the two by just reversing the table fabric. One-side of the overlays is Polyester Dupioni while the other side is Polyester Satin. Whether preferring the textured striations of Dupioni or the shine and jolliness of Satin, this is a product that provides for multiple usages. Made of 100% Polyester, our Satin / Dupioni Overlays are machine washable party linen. Get these two-in-one table fabrics and dazzle your guests with the two unique variations. The splendor and classiness of the table fabric is sure to make your guests drop their jaws with admiration. Our customer friendly and transparent pricing and shipping policies are made to serve you to the best of our capacity.