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Satin & Dupioni Oval Tablecloths

Elliptical Table Covers for Cake Tables, Accent Tables, Spotlight Tables | Spotlight, Cocktail Seating

Oval tables combine the ease of maneuvering associated with straight edge rectangular tables with the elegance of round tables. Used commonly in cocktail seating, bar seating, near-the-aisle seating, or as accent tables, oval shaped tables are an industry standard. They deserve more than typical table covering options. This is why the satin finished tablecloths on display are a sensible pick. When used to cover big oval shape tables used as a part of bigger food display ensembles, these tablecloths for elliptical tables make their presence felt. The slightly lustrous finishing and the richness of fabric add to the appeal. Party rental companies and wedding venue decorators often order these Dupioni table covers in bulk as oval table setting is a part of everyday décor management at parties, weddings, receptions, birthdays, or even fundraising dinners and industry event banqueting. These satin Dupioni table covers are equally suited for tables used at lounges, cafes, and bistros. The plain weave of satin Dupioni makes a mark with its silken finish. Such silky tablecloths are a favorite choice for decorating main tables, highlight tables or cake tables. The lustrous surface also boosts the stain-resisting performance and the ability to create an accent.