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Metallic Scroll Fitted Tablecloth Rental

Rental - Metallic Scroll Fitted Tablecloth

Dazzle your guests with admiration owing to the beautiful and contemporary pattern of the Metallic Scroll Fitted Tablecloth. While elevating the style quotient of the table tops this great quality Metallic Scroll Tablecloth rental also liven up the spirit of the events pretty comfortably.

Metallic Scroll Tablecloth: Complementing Table Aesthetics
Infusing a starry effect at utmost ease, this inexpensive Rental Tablecloth is a high grossing proposition by hoteliers, hospitality professionals and event planners. This great quality tablecloth rental is favorite choice for Bar Mitzvah, Proms, gala party, inaugural balls and more such glamorous affairs. This cheap priced rental tablecloth adds a new dimension to the table décor while lending a timeless finishing touch to the overall event’s setting.

Best Priced Metallic Scroll Tablecloths
Designed in a sleek manner using authentic polyester, this great quality Hotel linen rental boasts of glitzy metallic and spiral pattern offering refined minimalism and simplicity to the event décor. This wholesale Wedding linen rental ensures complete protection of your table from spills and spots. This bulk priced tablecloth is seamless, radiant, joins free, easy to maintain, wrinkle free, spill proof and promises excellent color retention.

Available in an assortment of color combinations with silver as common, the nationwide linen rental Metallic Scroll Fitted Tablecloth is a prudent go-to proposition. for Discounted Metallic Scroll Fitted Tablecloths
Whether you want to buy wholesale and inexpensive Hotel linen rental online, the is a perfect destination. Being a distinguished supplier of hotel industry linen, the delivers bulk orders at special discounted prices and on priority than retail orders. We offer rentals– a niche that isn’t generally found in online world of hotel industry linen.

Points to consider before selecting our Rental Program:
  • This rental is a 1 week rental
  • Rentals not returned within a week are subject to another weeks rental (Even if it is one day over)
  • If items returned are not items originally rented there will be a replacement cost charged to re-inventory missing item/items
  • If items are damaged and deemed unusable there will be a replacement cost charged to re-inventory damaged item/items
  • If items are returned to the wrong address there will be an additional week fee if not received within the allowed week.
  • Items must be shipped to the address provided with the returned labels
  • Rentals must be returned in the linen duffle bag provided with the return label. If the bag is not returned there will be a $25 fee assessed
  • If the label is lost and the duffle bag is lost there will be a $25 fee plus a $10 fee for generating another return label.
  • All instructions for the return will be included in every linen rental purchase.
This item is not available for Rental. Pleaes see Metallic Scroll Fitted Tablecloth to purchase the item