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Rental Fire Retardant Satin Lamour Table Linens

Table Linens are acknowledged from long for creating a magnificent table ensemble while fulfilling your utility needs. Whatever be an occasion, these are first thing that strikes the mind to add finishing touch to the table décor. So, if you’re a planning to host a party and want to buy something unique this time? Try the Rental Fire retardant Satin Lamour table linens from to lure the onlookers.

Exceptional Rental Fire retardant Satin Lamour table linens

Turning your everyday meals into special occasions, these wedding linen rentals are a .great harmony of royal taste and class. While elevating the style quotient of any table décor, these event planner linen rentals also uplifts the ambience of gala events ranging from Marriage Ceremonies, corporate events to Bar Mitzvah. Truly marvelous, these outdoor linen rentals convey sheer panache and luxury.

Well-designed Wedding Linen Rentals

Made of high-grade Brushed Satin - 100% Polyester linen, the restaurant linen rentals– Tablecloths boast of a seamless finish throughout. Splendidly crafted, these event linen rentals has no joins, excellent absorption to spills, illusive shine and glowing color retention. Being flame retardant, these hotel linen rentals can be used in both indoors and outdoors event.
Our table linen incorporates tablecloths, table runners, table overlays to napkins. Pick the one that best suits your needs.

Holistic Destination for Nationwide Linens Rental and Non Rentals is a highly accredited online store to buy rental and non-rental hotel linen supplies. Our packaging sustains the quality of our products even if the shipment is sent to the farthest parts of USA. This is why if you look at the online classified listings for state-based linen rental companies, you will find our name highlighted as the preferred PA or CT linen rental store.

Points to consider before selecting our Rental Program:
  • This is a 1 week rental
  • Rentals not returned within a week are subject to another weeks rental (Even if it is one day over)
  • If items returned are not items originally rented there will be a replacement cost charged to re-inventory missing item/items
  • If items are damaged and deemed unusable there will be a replacement cost charged to re-inventory damaged item/items
  • If items are returned to the wrong address there will be an additional week fee if not received within the allowed week.
  • Items must be shipped to the address provided with the returned labels
  • Rentals must be returned in the linen duffle bag provided with the return label. If the bag is not returned there will be a $25 fee assessed
  • If the label is lost and the duffle bag is lost there will be a $25 fee plus a $10 fee for generating another return label.
  • All instructions for the return will be included in every linen rental purchase.

Details and Instructions

Raza Trade now offers wedding linen rentals! Whether you need tablecloths, chair sashes, napkins, table skirts, chair covers or other specialty linen rentals for weddings and special events, you'll find everything you need to make your party décor absolutely beautiful.

  1. Place your order online or by phone.
  2. We'll fax or e-mail a customer information order form. Once you fax it back to us, we'll ship out your order. Our fax number is 1-800-831-6326.
  3. We'll ship the goods to arrive on or before the date you request them In addition to the rental and shipping fee, we require that our customers pay a $6 handling fee. In return, you'll get a seven-day linen rental period.
  4. The return shipping is paid for by Linens by Raza Trade in the continental U.S. under the following conditions:
    • order must be over $25
    • you reuse boxes (or replace them with similar-size boxes) for return rental AND
    • you use UPS return labels (RS) provided (see below). There will be a clear plastic envelope on one of the boxes containing return instructions, a packing slip and a return label (RS) - 1 per box shipped.
  5. When you are finished with the rental, fold the soiled cloths carefully to fit into the boxes. Put the RS label on the box. LINENS BY RAZATRADE WILL ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF ONLY THOSE ITEMS RETURNED WITH THE RS RETURN LABELS PROVIDED WITH EACH SPECIFIC ORDER. Any RS label return with cloth from an alternate sales order will be assessed an additional $10 fee.
  6. Bring the boxes to UPS or call UPS at 1.800.PICKUPS (1.800.742.5877) for a pickup. They will charge you a nominal pickup fee. UPS will take the boxes and we will absorb the return freight.
IMPORTANT: The labels are valuable so don't lose them. Missing labels must be reported on the day boxes are delivered or a $10 per label fee will be charged to send new labels.
Do not send boxes back to LINENS BY RAZATRADE C.O.D. Any C.O.D freight charges will be billed back to your account.
(Note: You will still be responsible for getting the linens to UPS at the end of the seven-day rental period. If not, you will be responsible for additional weekly rental fees AND/OR replacement costs.)
Give us a call at 1-800-831-6326 to rent linens today!