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  • Custom Embroidery

    Get your own logo or emblem printed on all your Towels, Tablecloths, Table Skirts, Overlays, Chair covers and sashes. When you are an esteemed organization, or a known name among BNBs, INNs or Deli, maintaining the brand value is of utmost importance. We offer Custom Embroidery on all the Linens and fabrics, and help you promote your brand/business.
  • Custom Silkscreen

    Custom made silkscreens bearing your name, company name or logo, or any other custom design can be ordered and printed by professionals. Suiting to any party, event, exhibitions, conferences or any such occasion, or for daily use in your hotel, BNB or Inn, these Silkscreens are a great visual tool. You are free to choose from the range of high-quality fabrics we offer, and get them custom printed as Silkscreen to promote your brand/business, or simply decorate your home.
  • Golf Towels

    Clubs and country houses are a lifestyle statement, and every inch of the stretch they are established on should look plush and elegant. Visit if you are looking for a complete restocking of your Golf towels, getting rid of worn and stained ones. At, you will find the best quality fabric and the most elegant designs in Golf Towels.
  • Rally Towels

    Rally towels are one of the favorite cheerleading accessories to show support for your favorite sports team. Today rally towels are more than just sports paraphernalia, they find wide demand for a great many occasions - from fundraising events to themed parties, from wedding to carnivals.


Traditionally, towels are not seen as promotional equipment but when they carry a logo or message, they can transform into a great utility for promotional purposes. Today, Rally Towels are widely used sports paraphernalia and have always been a part of sports event as symbol of fan support for their favorite player team. Our range of promotional towels includes beach towels, rally towels, golfing towels, restaurant and hotel towels, each worthy of showcasing your band or that of the advertising party.

Buy the Best of Promotional Rally Towels Online is a prominent online wholesaler of quality linen across a wide range of designs and prices. Promotional towels like Rally Towels are available in printed or plain format and often contain some distinct attention-seeking attribute that is observable from a distance. At, we have a very comprehensive inventory of promotional towels in different colors, prints and sizes offered at discounted prices. Here you can find rally towels made of finest quality fabric to suit any occasion—wedding, themed parties or sports events.

Browse through our wide range of wholesale priced restaurant and beach towels. The recent bestsellers in this segment include college rally towels, fundraiser towels, embroidered rally towels and vibrantly colored beach towels. We constantly try to keep up with the market trends and that is why we have been able to retain the role of being the most sought after destination for superior quality fabrics for the hospitality and hosting industry.