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10" X 10" Square Premium Velvet Napkin - 12 Pack 10" X 10" Square Premium Velvet Napkin - 12 Pack
List Price: $19.36
Our Price: $17.60
You save $1.76!
17" X 17" Square Premium Velvet Napkin - 12 Pack 17" X 17" Square Premium Velvet Napkin - 12 Pack
List Price: $42.35
Our Price: $38.50
You save $3.85!
20" X 20" Square Premium Velvet Napkin - 12 Pack 20" X 20" Square Premium Velvet Napkin - 12 Pack
List Price: $49.61
Our Price: $45.10
You save $4.51!


Velvet Table Napkins from Table Linen Wholesale Supplier

Premium Velvet Napkins - Wedding Reception Table Accessories | Table Decoration for Restaurant, Hotel, Banquet Tables

Smartly chosen table napkins can be the big difference between good looking and visually stunning event tables. This is why the seasoned restaurant manager makes it a point to ensure that event tables are loaded with small but meaningful table accessories. Premium velvet napkins are often the choice as they add a plush, luxurious feeling. When used in colors contrasting the food serving table, they help to amplify the aesthetics of a dining area. When used in color complementing the wedding reception table, they boost the color continuity of the event, ensuring a more cohesive look is created. Are they effective? Always! An experienced hotel manager will always vouch for ordering velvet napkins by the bulk since they are the no-fuss choice. Little maintenance and a lot of style, this is what you get with these beautiful table napkins that can impress the most discerning crowd at a party hall, banquet or at an outdoors hosted event. Choose stylish napkins across a wide range of colors and sizes. This includes napkins that can be used across wedding aisle tables, picnic tables, standing cocktail tables, sweetheart tables, and indoor seating tables.

Create Drama at Professionally Hosted Events with the Right Table Napkin

From country clubs to casinos, from spas to vacation retreats, and wellness centers or a wedding reception, there is always a need for table supplies that add to the aesthetics but also have a functional role. Table napkins are the perfect choice as they are easy to fold, stock and use. When premium velvet is the chosen fabric for table napkins, the overall visuals are boosted. Premium velvet has the advantage of outsmarting other table linen fabrics with its opulence. Premium velvet napkins add to the dining area’s appeal even when lying unused. When spread out by guests, they unfold and play a very important role in ensuring that the wear & tear induced on the table is restricted while guests get a fashionable way of wiping when eating—helping to create flawless dining experiences! Some events like themed outdoor weddings or catered celebrations just cannot do with napkins that are also considered a part of dining etiquette.

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