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Premium Jute Burlap Fitted Tablecloth

Whether you are hosting an outdoor or an indoor event, whether you are hosting a Corporate Event, Birthday Bash or a Wedding ceremony, you can use the Burlap - Fitted Tablecloth to enliven the ambiance of all kind of events. These table fabrics are made of natural jute burlap, making them environmental friendly. The natural tone of the fabrics will also add a provincial character to the events that you host. The simple yet refined tablecloths will not only add beauty and elegance to the entire table ensemble, but will also uplift the mood of the entire event décor. The hemmed finish of the tablecloth ensures that the fabric threads stays intact, without coming out of the edges, lending them high durability. The laidback and luxurious character instilled by these fabrics are sure to make your guests go gaga over your table ensemble. With these table fabrics draping your tabletops, get ready for guests to linger around your table ensemble for longer periods. Browse a larger collection of Fitted Tablecloths at—the globally preferred online destination for table linens. Special pricing applies on wholesale orders from preferred customers. You can use our online shopping resource for getting the Tablecloth Sizing right. Please sign up to get our special promotional schemes delivered in your mailbox.