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Polyester Checkered Table Linens

Polyester Checkered Table Linens:Checkerboard/Chessboard Pattern for Rustic, Countryside Checker Décor

Talk about checker pattern décor at a wedding or banquet setting and the only argument will be about small checks versus big checks! This underlines the overwhelming popularity of checkered table linens. Their appeal is intact, across the event hosting industry and the checkerboard pattern has been celebrated for decades. Still, event planners are re-attempting it with some freshness to make the décor look more unique. This collection of polyester table linens in chessboard-type pattern has been trending big across the party rental marketplace, with widespread demands from hotels, restaurants, lounges, diners, banquets, party halls, and catering venues. Most theme planners believe the rustic charm of checker pattern will never fade. The farmhouse/countryside type of aura associated with checkered linens has been appreciated across all types of guest seating arrangements, from wedding parties to casual dinners. This collection is dedicated to providing the maximum color combinations and checkered options, like square or rectangle checks, to ensure there is a relevant table linen option for every event. Watch this space as we add more checkered table décor options like tablecloths, runners, napkins, and a lot more, each with the promise of industry-best prices and quick shipping arrangements!