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Paper Straws is a specialist in the niche of table linen, wedding linen and all associated items that are an essential part of food serving environments. From corporate event planners to banquet managers and event organizers, from parties and weddings to high-profile conferences, paper straws continue to be an important part of the day’s proceedings. Use and throw straws are cheap, help to maintain hygiene and are now available at at the best online prices. From food serving to food display requirements, from officially hosted events at hotels to a hosted reception or cocktail party, the availability of cheap, food-quality straws is a big help. provides disposable straws at wholesale prices – shipped internationally! You get the advantage of finding all disposable food display and food serving items, from cups and plates to straws at a single online destination. Each of these products is available in an impressive range of colors and designs, including discounted printed straws.

These disposable straws also contribute to the overall décor, helping you customize the food serving area. This is why hotel managers and restaurant owners prefer the variety available at in the form of beautiful, wholesale rate disposable straws. These bulk rate straws complete the tableware décor in any dining environment. With these disposable straws, you can embellish the cocktail table. These party straws use food-safe ink that makes them 100% safe to be used with hot or cold beverages. You can also visit our categories Chambury Plastics, Confetti, Eco-Friendly Natural Tableware, Disposable Dessert & Serving

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- Quick, global shipping
- Wide range of designs, sizes and colors
- Wholesale wedding party supply specialists
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