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Fire Retardant/Proof Polyester Overlays 54" x 54" Fire Retardant/Proof Polyester Square/Overlay 60" x 60" Fire Retardant/Proof Polyester Square/Overlays 72" x 72"
Fire Retardant/Proof Polyester Square/Overlays 84" x 84" Fire Retardant/Proof Polyester Square/Overlays 90" x 90"

Fire Retardant Square Overlay Tablecloths

Fire Resisting Table Linens in Square Shape with Low Combustibility/Inflammability

Straight edge tables that include square and rectangular tabletops are considered the most versatile, multipurpose tables and tablecloths to drape them are an industry standard. However, there is room for confusion. What if party rental businesses or event managers like you need to order fire-resistant table linens? The market is flooded with misleading information about the combustibility or inflammability of the fabrics used. RazaTrade brings order to the chaos with a line of table linens dedicated to the cause of fire retardant tablescaping supplies. This collection is about square shaped tablecloths and overlays. Each handpicked selection here has definite fire-fighting ability due to the genuine polyester used – the fabric has inherent fire retarding qualities. The fabric choice means no compromise with the color options for each table cover, its finishing and the overall aesthetics. These fire-resistant tablecloths are as fashionable and usable as any other polyester table linen. Whether it is square tables used for filling empty corners in a classroom seating or big, square shaped tables that constitute buffet seating at a banquet hall, you will find the biggest online selection of low flammability, highly fire resistance table linens on RazaTrade only!