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Fire Retardant Round Tablecloths

Polyester Table Covers, High Flame Resistance Table Linens | Low Flammability Fabrics

The contemporary event planner is concerned about the safety of all the decorations and accessories that constitute and uphold the décor. The venue can be beautifully decked-up but what if the tablecloths have a high propensity to catch fire? There are many sources of flame and fire-causing elements like lamps, candles, lanterns, etc. can lead to an unfortunate accident. This is why event organizers insist that the more susceptible table or seating arrangements have fire retardant tablecloths. With round tables being at the heart of fine dining, wedding décor, gala night, and ceremonial dining environments, this collection is dedicated to various types of round table linens that have low flammability. This means a lower, almost negligible chances of catching fire. The use of top quality polyester fire-retardant materials means the fire-retardant tablecloths wear a bit of sheen and look glamorous, while the flame-resistant quality does not take a toll on the aesthetics. With so many colors to choose from, wedding event planners or theme decorators can feel assured about finding the perfect table linen for their event. Most polyester tablecloths here have high fire resistance and conform to globally acknowledged NFPA fire retardation standards that apply to most textiles—NFPA compliance means absolute assurance about the global-standard fire resistance of a material.