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Fire Retardant/Proof Polyester Oval Table Cloths - 108" X 132" Fire Retardant/Proof Polyester Oval Table Cloths - 108" X 156"

Fire Retardant Oval Tablecloths

Table Linens that Don’t Catch Fire Easily! Compliant with Fabric/Textile Fire Safety Standards

As a globally-scaled business that specializes in supplying all types of table linens, including tableware accessories and tablescaping elements made from fire resistant materials, RazaTrade understands that tablecloths need special attention. Oval tables happen to be at the heart of contemporary, festive, traditional, modern, and outlandish events. From birthday parties to bar seating arrangements, from clubhouse type seating to head tables or special tables around the wedding aisle, oval tables can be spotted everywhere! Hence, this collection of fire retardant table linens is dedicated to oval tables. To make the choice easier, there are plenty of colors to choose from—some oval tablecloths are available in as many as 60+ shades. The fabrics here have proven credentials, with high resistance to fire/flame. Fire-retardant performance of these table coverings is up to mark with global standards in this industry segment. Such linens made from fabric with near-negligible combustibility/flammability are often expensive and hard to source. RazaTrade has the perfect product procurement and shipping logistics to ensure businesses like you don’t need to worry or look elsewhere for oval tablecloths and table covers made from genuinely fire-retardant materials.