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Fire Retardant/Proof Polyester Fitted Tablecloth 30"X72"X29" W/ Inverted Pleats - 6 Foot Table Fire Retardant/Proof Polyester Fitted Tablecloth 30"X96"X29" W/ Inverted Pleats - 8 Foot Table

Fire Retardant Fitted Tablecloth

Low Combustibility/Flammability Table Linens with High Fire Resistance | Fire Safety Fabrics

RazaTrade caters to the demands of the modern-day event organizer. Hospitality and event hosting businesses across the world are quickly adopting fire retardant table linens. This is because safety of the décor is now as important as the aesthetics created by a fine tablecloth. Catering to this need, RazaTrade has set-up an exhaustive range of fabric choices, as a part of its table linen collection. These table linens have high resistance to the open flame/fire. This means low flammability or negligible combustibility. This is important in décor schemes that have catering supplies and tableware items that can cause/catch or spread a fire. However, fire resistant table linen should look as good as the standard table linen. This particular series of Fire Retardant Fitted Tablecloths is about tight fitted or stretched tablescaping. The stretch-fit tablecloth is without creasing, folding or wrinkling. The overall presentation looks a lot better than table linen that has an overtly ruffled look. Not just formal decorations, but even wedding reception parties are increasingly asking for fitted table linen that has high immunity to catching/spreading fire. More color options only make the deal a lot better!