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Fashionista Table Overlays

It requires a lot of fashion sense to set a new fashion statement and a new trend. Doing so in the events that you host, not only requires a keen fashion sense but also needs zeal to offer something unique. However, the Fashionista Table Overlays are here to make things easier for you. Designed passionately with the help of ultimate craftsmanship, these table fabrics are here to make a new style statement for the event decor. The table overlays blends three distinct patterns, namely floral satin trimmings, glittery sequin beads and see thru lace netting brilliantly to offer an appearance that is distinct in itself. The fabrics also include glittery sequins and dazzling threads throughout the entire embroidered flowery pattern, lending the fabric its starry effects. The dazzling pattern of the fabric lends them a distinct style that instills an aura of exquisiteness to the table tops. Only the finest of fabrics are used to create these overlays, lending them a texture that is uniquely smooth and shiny. Suitably designed to complement red carpet events, these fabrics are sure to enliven the ambiance of all kind of events.