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Fairy Dust Overlays

Let your guests experience fairy tale exquisiteness at your upcoming event. Let the fairy tale aura come alive, with Fairy Dusty Overlays draping the table tops of your event. The fabric incorporates the traditional art of lace making sensibly, with embroidered floral and leaf design accentuating the classiness of the fabric. Metallic silvery thread speckles the distinct pattern throughout its entire formation, lending it an appearance that adds glitter to the entire table set-up. The judiciously designed overlay also ensures that the glittery metallic threads don’t come out. These overlays can be laid atop all kind of table tops to create an ambiance that boosts the style of the table ensemble as well as the mood of the entire event décor. Whether, you are hosting Wedding Ceremonies, Birthday Bashes, Anniversary Parties or Corporate Events, these overlays are sure to enliven the ambiance of all kind of occasions. Accessorize yourself with Fairy Dusty Overlays and create an ambiance that takes your guests closer to the land of fairies.