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Burlap Wedding Tablecloths & Linens

Find the right Burlap for your wedding or special occasion.

What is Jute Burlap?

Jute derives from the stems and skin of the Jute plant (a vegetable fiber), and can be spun into coarse, strong threads. Jute crops grow in abundance throughout the rainy season in India and Bangladesh. Because Jute is made from a plant, it is a renewable resource and a terrific eco-friendly material.

  • Jute is a coarse material with a rougher textured feel.
  • There may also be the occasional "blemish" or "imperfection" because it's made from a natural fiber, though this all part of the earthy appeal of Jute Burlap.
  • Jute Burlap can have some "shedding" and some slight lint, though this is to be expected from a fibrous plant-based material.
  • Because it's made from plants, Jute can have a natural scent.

What is Faux Burlap?
For those who want the look of Burlap, but could do without the shedding, blemishes, scent, and coarseness of natural Jute, Faux Burlap may be the right choice.Our Faux Burlap is 100% Polyester and machine washable