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  • Bar Mop

    Make your kitchen space look mess free, clean and organized by adding these classy-yet-subtle Bar Mops. These mops are a perfect blend of form and functionality. Designed to perfection using best-in-class fabric, these bar mops are a perfect pick for hotels, restaurants, offices, bars, and home ensemble. Razatrade is amongst one of the many trusted suppliers of this marketplace who aims to deliver quality with quantity.
  • Close Out

    You don’t always have to settle for less. With Close Out around the corner, we offer a comprehensive lineup of quality blankets and throws at throwaway prices. The close out collection features all our brands and latest designs with assured quality and excellent condition.
  • Fleece Blankets and Throws

    What happened to good old fashioned quilted blankets? Although we love the memories of grandma’s home in winters, tucked inside warm heavy quilted blankets, those heavy blankets are only good for memories now.
  • Martex Vellux Blankets

    Martex Vellux Blankets Warming up America for years, the proprietary Martex Vellux Blankets are made from 100% nylon flock with an insulating foam base. The unique design insulates and retains much heat and being lightweight, is loved by all.
  • Sample Packs

    As much as we try to make our product descriptions and other info comprehensive, with pictures and illustrated graphics (wherever required), it is best to check the products before you go ahead and place a large order.

Blankets & More

To wrap yourself in the luxury of soft, snug and warm blanket towels, explore the global leader in this segment Here, you will find the widest array of soft and cozy bedding essentials, which give you a long lasting relief but also enhance the entire décor. Blanket towels can do wonders with the outlook of your interior space. Property managers recommend our blanket towels because of the fact that they are much bigger than the standard towels and also double up as a handy wrapping fabric when you don't need dedicated woolens or heavy apparel to guard yourself against the wet or cold conditions.

Explore blanket towels in different colors where you have the choice of complementing or contrasting them with the existing decor of the property. Especially at elite hotel or guesthouse should invest in quality blanket towels that are now considered an essential part of the global hospitality and hosting industry. To add elegance and sophistication of these, offers premium quality blanket towels, helping you create the perfect ambience without overloading the interior space with messy, bigger fabrics.

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