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  • Beverly Hills Waves Table Runners

    Table runners are an essential part of well-groomed tables, even those sporting an impressive tablecloth. Beverly Hills Waves Table Runners is the preferred option for people seeking an exotic table runner at a reasonable cost.

  • Bienvenue Swirls Table Runners

    Bienvenue Swirls Table Runners in shades of champagne, purple, gold, turquoise, and white present the premium end of table linen options. The swirls pattern is truly unique, unmatched in quality and its overall grandeur.

  • Chevron Sequin Table Runners

    Sequined table runners are the foremost choice among beverage or food directors, caterers, party planners, and other hosting professionals adamant for an elegant table ensemble.

  • Econoline Chevron Runners

    Econoline table runners in chevron print are considered the most progressive choice in the niche of first-class Table Linens. Econoline Chevron Runners are particularly recommended for professional hosts and planners who need trendy table linen on display.

  • Econoline Rustic Burlap Runner

    When specialists from the hosting industry talk about hosting arrangement, they invariably discuss tables and about how to use them to accentuate the overall style of a dining spread without compromising on utility or quality.

  • Econoline Satin Lamour Table Runners

    You will surely fall in love with the grace and playful energy of the Econoline Satin Lamour Table Runners. Borrowing traditional style from the French and combining it with modern day sensibilities, Econoline Satin Table Runners are at the top of hierarchy in the niche of premium table runners.

  • Econoline Satin Table Runners

    Table linen fashions keep changing, but exotically designed table runners like the Econoline Satin Table Runners have remained a perennial favorite.

  • Extravagant Fashionista Style Table Runner

    Setting a refined tone for an event in no more a Herculean task with the Extravagant Fashionista Style Table Runner offered by! Trendy, stylish and elegant to the core, this great quality Table runner is a perfect choice to ooze glitz to your event.

  • Flocking Table Runners

    Flocking prints are in vogue—they are considered a progressive, traditional and contemporary choice. Flocking table runners are an excellent table dressing choice, whether you are hosting a retirement party or planning a surprise birthday bash.

  • Forest Taffeta Runners

    If you often host or oversee the duties of an event planner or banquet manager, the Forest Taffeta Runners should be a serious consideration.

  • Groovy Dots Table Runner

    The once popular polka dotted table linen has given way to the trendier Groovy Dots Pattern, now available for table runners at this online megastore! The vast range of Groovy Dots Table Runners on display represents the finest choice in the niche of premium quality table linen.

  • Herringbone Polyester Table Runners

    Herringbone Polyester Table Runners are the beautiful looking table runner which you can lay on top of the table as a decoration and use as a centerpiece.

  • Kaleidoscope Table Runner

    Infuse a fresh lease of life to the table ensemble of your events. Drape Kaleidoscope Table Runner across the tabletops of your event to infuse vivacity and vividness to the table ensemble as well as the occasion.

  • Lace Table Runners

    Hosting an event needs lot of preparation and sweating to make it a success. However, many a times, despite of the best of your effort, the event doesn’t produce the effect it is meant to.

  • Metallic Scroll Table Runner

    Many a time, tablecloths are not enough to accentuate the beauty of the table tops at your event. An elegant table runner also goes a long way to redouble the already gorgeous view of the guest table.

  • Premium Chevron Table Runners

    From trade shows to conferences, from dining areas at wedding halls to banquets, nearly every commercial setting hosting food and drinks needs smartly dressed tables.
  • Premium Crinkle Taffeta Table Runner

    Are you tired of irritatingly repetitive and usual table setting options? If yes, thanks to Premium Crinkle Taffeta Table Runner by - an absolute essential for stylish, contemporary décor.
  • Premium Faux Burlap Table Runners

    If you are planning to host an event that offers a natural and provincial touch to the occasion, the Faux Burlap Table Runners are the perfect one that would help you achieve your objectives.
  • Premium Jute Burlap Table Runners

    Premium Jute Burlap Table Runners have been a perennial favorite among premium table linen selections. The reason lies in the unassuming elegance and fine texture of high-quality burlap runners. When laid across a tablecloth, you get the perfectly groomed table ensemble.

  • Premium Matte Satin/Lamour Table Runner

    If you have the right kind of accessories to decorate your event venue, hosting an event could be more joyous and enjoyable affair, rather than being a dreary one.

  • Premium Polka Dot Table Runners

    If you want to host an event that stays in the mind of your guests for longer period, you need to take extra care in decorating the venue. One of the best ways to do so is by draping your table ensemble with the finest of fabrics.

  • Premium Stripe Table Runners

    If you are a professional host, you must have observed that many a times, despite of draping the guests table with the finest of tablecloths doesn’t guarantee a grand look that you have expected.

  • Rosette Line (Imported) Runners

    When casinos or party rental cabins need to look their best for a luncheon or birthday bash, they need to get dressed quickly and effectively. The imported Rosette Line Runners with its elegant and contemporary style can do that effortlessly.

  • Satin Stripes Table Runner

    Move out of the normal grind; add something more to the event that you are hosting. Decorate your table countertop to give it a look that is worthy of tons of appreciation. The Satin Stripes Table Runner is designed to perfection, just to give a fillip to your entire table ensemble.

  • Sequin Studded Lace Runners

    The new Sequin Studded Lace Runners adds a new twist on the classic sequined table runner design. Using a studded sequin pattern, this lace runner blends the traditional looks the embroidered table runner with modern day sensibilities.

  • Symphonic Mermaid Scales Sequined Table Runner

    Uplift the décor of any place be it a home, event or party with the wonderful Symphonic Mermaid Scales Sequined Table Runner White offered by This great quality table runner is one of the hot-selling propositions of
  • Table Runners - Animal Print

    The Table Runners nowadays have become quiet predictable with almost similar kind of design and color. The Table Runners - Animal Print however breaks this predictable mould to offer you a design that is unique in itself.

  • Taffeta Sequin Table Runners

    Dress your table to everyone’s envy with the Taffeta Sequin Table Runners. The table runners are passionately designed to contest the term beauty itself. Crafted skillfully, the beauty of the table fabric is accentuated by the sequin design that adds glitter to the entire table ensemble.

  • Tulle Satin COUTURE Table Runner

    Say goodbye to those days, when hosting an event were a hectic process. The new Tulle Satin Couture Table Runner will give you freedom from those anxious moments of preparing for a gala event. All you need to do is just spread out the table runner across the table countertop.

  • Econoline Crinkle Taffeta Table Runners

    Need a quick grooming of your table ensemble? Get one of the Crinkle Taffeta Table Runners today. Simplicity and elegance are the two characteristics that represent the table runners.

  • Econoline Organza Table Runners

    A table is an essential part of every event. However, it is the grooming of the table-ensemble that differentiates an elegant table countertop from a monotonous one.

  • Econoline Polyester Table Runners

    If you are searching for a sober looking table runner for your next event, the Econoline Polyester Table Runners are the one you should consider. The table runners combine simplicity and grace to offer a table runner that uplifts the entire look of the table ensemble.

  • Embroidered Table Runner

    Become the top host of your city with the new Embroidered Table Runner. Crafted beautifully, the table runners aims to offer an unrivalled look that oozes grace and charm to the entire event.

  • Premium Polyester Table Runners - (most popular polyester)

    Up the style quotient of your next event by grooming your table countertop with Premium Polyester Table Runners. Made of the most popular polyester the table runners instill elegance and functionality with equal grace.

  • Rosette Table Runners

    A professional host knows that a smartly selected table runner has the ability to change even the most humble of table into a designer countertop. The Rosette Table Runners can do exactly that and even more.

  • Pintuck Table Runners

    Hosting an event needs your table countertop to be at its attractive best. The Pintuck Table Runners with its stylish and elegant looks does that effortlessly. The diagonally stacked square pattern of the table fabric lends it a look that is bold and graceful.

  • Special Design Organza Runners

    Transform your simple looking dining tables into alluring and beautiful party tables with Designer Organza Runners, available at at the best prices. In this category, we offer exclusive runners in special designs like the White Sheer Organza Runner with Rose Design.
  • Polyester Check Table Runners

    An event is never complete without a nicely decorated table ensemble. A table runner that combines functionality with style has always been an essential part of a well-dressed table countertop.

  • Satin / Dupioni Table Runners

    It takes a fabric with character to transform a simple and monotonous table into one that oozes sophistication and splendor. The uniquely designed Satin / Dupioni Table Runners can do that at utmost ease. These one of a kind table runners incorporates both Satin and Dupioni in two different sides.

  • Mirror Foil Table Runners

    We are your trusted source for premium-grade table linen such as these eye-catching Mirror Foil Table Runners. Clearly a cut above the rest, these stylish table runners have the amazing ability to rev up the accent of your banquet’s party tables in seconds.

Table Runners

Shop for table runners and other table linens at We stock a extensive selection of table runners includes Organza, Satin Lamour, Flocking, Forest Taffeta and a variety of other linen table runners. Find the right decorative table runners in a range of styles.

Wholesale Table Runners for Weddings, Banquets & Special Events

Raza Trade has an excellent selection of table runners and linens to add a bit of extra pizazz to your table. A table runner is an elegant way to dress up a long table and give it a cohesive look. It's highly versatile and can easily double as a centerpiece with the addition of a few votives or flowers.

With more than 65 colors to choose from including aqua, burgundy, burnt orange, charcoal, cherry red, olive, periwinkle, ruby and slate, you're sure to find just the right hue for any occasion. Each runner is 13" x 108" and comes in a pack of four.

Choose from angled, pointed or square ends to get just the look you desire. We especially love the layered look a linen table runner offers, perfect for mixing colors and giving the table a bit of depth. Your clientele will love being able to have an accent color at their event, whether it is a wedding, banquet or corporate gathering.

Not only does Raza Trade offer the finest quality linens for sale, but ours are the lowest prices you'll find anywhere. Our wholesale rates are available for hotels, party venues, wedding planners and others in the event industry. If you have any questions, we're glad to help!

Give us a call at 1-800-831-6326 or e-mail us at We look forward to supplying high quality wedding table runners for your business!