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Satin / Dupioni Tablecloths

Two fabrics for the price of one!

100% Polyester tablecloths, our Satin / Dupioni table linens are as elegant as Silk.

Satin / Dupioni is seamless up to 120”W.
Being reversible, the Satin / Dupioni provides two cloths for the price of one!
One-side is a 100% Polyester Dupioni, The other side offers 100% Polyester Satin.

Its Machine Washable!

Whether preferring the textured striations of Dupioni or the shine and “pop” of color from the glossy Poly-Satin, this is a product that provides for multi-use.

Colors: White, Ivory, Cornsilk, Lemon, Acid Green, Expresso, Lime, Moss, Hunter, Black, Caribbean, Turquoise, Royal, Navy, Purple, Watermelon, Raspberry, Red, Cherry Red, Burgundy, Aubergine, Charcoal, Cobalt, Gold, Light Blue, Light Pink, Orange, Silver, Burnt Orange, Teal, Camel, Sage, Emerald, Plum, Periwinkle, Lilac, Coral and Tan

Wholesale Satin / Dupioni Tablecloths for Weddings, Banquets, & Special Events

Numerous celebrations call for specialized beautification of rooms and banquet halls. For discerning decorators, selecting impressive and opulent table adornments is critical to creating the atmosphere needed for each special occasion. One of the simplest and most effective ways to convert plain and commonplace tables is to dress them with tablecloths of various fabrics and patterns. The highest quality fabric and most sumptuous and practical available is Dupioni and satin combination tablecloths.

Whether for a conference center, banquet hall, wedding venue, restaurant, or bed and breakfast, selecting tablecloths that are durable, fashionable, and lavish is a great option to protect the tables and satisfy clients. Though facilities have tables that are wooden, metal, or glass, these styles may not be appropriate or appealing given a variety of situations. With an arsenal of available Dupioni/satin linens, indulging a bride who wants her colors proudly on display or supplying company colors for a business lunch requires minimal effort for maximum results. Guests will feel pampered and spoiled when their color and design wishes can be met without hesitation.

Dupioni/satin comes is every color imaginable and has a plethora of designs and patterns to cater to every personality and taste. Whether the client prefers simple color saturation or an elaborate all-encompassing motif, Duponi/satin can modify simple tables into show-stopping centerpieces. The decadence of the Dupioni/satin collaboration will astound.

The ingenious blend of Dupioni silk and satin offers a durable fabric that is easy to clean and still maintains that sophisticated aspect. Satin tablecloths provide smoothness and an enviable sheen while Dupioni silk tablecloths have a dramatic texture. The best of both worlds can be found in one cost-effective linen. Owners of group meeting rooms, reception halls, and churches will be able to buy a wide selection of colors and styles at half the price of purchasing both silk and satin tablecloths. Storage space will be preserved as well. Keeping a supply of Dupioni/satin linens is much more compact than trying to maintain two separate genres of linens.

To furnish tablecloths that will spoil and amaze clients and that will be economical for the proprietor, satin and Dupioni silk tablecloths are the perfect choice. No other option gives such spectacular results. Order today to start fulfilling the wishes of patrons and providing the highest caliber products attainable.