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  • Crinkle Taffeta Overlays

    Fabric:Taffeta Crinkle w/ Metallic Shine finish
    Size: 60" x 60" Square
    Edges: Folded and Hemmed
    25 Color Options
    Seamless, 1 pc design
    Care: Hand wash and Hang dry only
    Ships from California
    24 - 48 Hour Turn around
  • Econoline Polyester Overlays

    Hosting a successful event needs your table countertop to be at its attractive best. The Econoline Polyester Overlays with its simple yet stylish looks does that effortlessly. Made of the best quality polyester the table clothes are both stain and wrinkle proof.

  • Extravagant Fashionista Table Overlays

    Draw a sea of wows in the upcoming gala event with the Extravagant Fashionista Table Overlay offered by Trendy and stylish, this Extravagant Fashionista Table Overlay is a must-have to make any event paradise.

  • Faux Burlap Table Overlays

    Give your event a rustic and earthly touch with the new Faux Burlap Table Overlays. However, do not just go by the name. These table overlays are not as coarse as the natural jute burlap fabrics.

  • Herringbone Polyester Overlays Tablecloths

    Tablecloths are everywhere. Whether you go for a party, anniversary, bash, bar mitzvah etc., you will always find tablecloths there. Herringbone Polyester Square Tablecloths are the perfect matching and cohesive display throughout the hall. Herringbone Polyester Square Tablecloths comes in a wide range of color and size options so that you can decide the best match for your event.

  • Premium Crinkle Taffeta Overlays

    From birthday bash to corporate events, one thing that is common at every event is the table ensemble.  A well-groomed tabletop décor features elegance.   Exquisite in look, this Premium Crinkle Taffeta Overlays will certainly uplift the table decor for every event.  If you are searching for an awesome tabletop decor, then try the Premium Crinkle Taffeta Overlays offered by It is one of the best-selling products of

  • Premium Table Overlays (Domestic) Rosette Line

    Hosting a gala event has never been that easy. It needs a lot of time and effort to organize an event that dazzles the guests with its ambience. Designed to instil beauty, opulence and royalty, these table fabrics are sure to enliven the entire ambience.

  • Table Overlays - Animal Print

    People often go back to nature’s lap to rewind and refresh themselves. So, how wonderful it would be if you could bring a tinge of nature’s exotic touch to your surrounding? Surprised? Well, our Table Overlays in Animal Print will help you do exactly this in a shockingly easy manner.

  • Polyester Overlays - (Premium/Popular)

    Put your best foot forward with the Polyester Overlays - (Premium/Popular) - the preferred choice for decorating your table countertop when you need to impress as a host. These simple yet chic table fabrics are glamorous enough to give even the most unexciting of table ensemble, a lively facelift.

  • Econoline Satin/Lamour Overlays

    Break away from the monotonous ambience of the events that you host. Hosting an event is not enough; an event should be celebrated and what could be more invigorating than adding color and style to the event

  • Satin / Dupioni Overlays

    Life without change and variations would be a dull and monotonous affair. Same goes for an event. Hosting an event with similar kind of ambience becomes too familiar to be enjoyed. The Satin / Dupioni Overlays will help you break the usual mould and add variations to the events that you host.

  • Econoline Organza Overlays

    While hosting an event, a table plays a significant part. Grooming of the table ensemble distinguishes a sophisticated table countertop from the usual, cluttered tables we have become accustomed to witnessing.

  • Flocking Overlays

    A table countertop can help you graduate to the next level of smarter hosting but this is possible only when you know how to dress-up the countertop. Let your table countertop look groomed and expressive with the grace of Flocking Overlays.

  • Econoline Satin Overlays

    Making an event a grand success has become easier with Econoline Satin Overlays. These simple yet stylish table overlays add sophistication to the guest table.

  • Grand Duchess Sequin Table Overlays

    Let your event be filled with wide smiles and sparkling eyes of your guests. Drape your table countertop with the Grand Duchess Sequin Table Overlays and let the occasion come alive, with extra vigor.

  • Premium Overlay Matte Satin/Lamour Tablecloth (Also known as Table Square)

    The misconception that only the most dazzling and flashy fabrics are required to infuse vivacity and joy to an event is grossly misplaced.

  • Embroidered Overlays

    In the quest of hosting a gala event that stands out from the rest, we often make mistakes by draping our table top with fabrics that are too loud and dazzling to be elegant.

  • Premium Chevron Square Tablecloth

    A globally acclaimed brand, Chevron offers the best in the niche of premium table linens.
  • Metallic Scroll Square Tablecloth

    Professional and non professional hosts will agree to the fact that gracefully decorated table tops play a pivotal role in making an event a grand success. An elegant tablecloth has the capacity to enliven the guest tables at ease.

  • Lace Table Overlays

    Tired of searching for that perfect table fabric that can blend contemporary styling with ease of functionality? Well, your search ends here with the sophisticated Lace Table Overlays—the perfect solution for the sensible host like you.

  • Pintuck Overlays

    Fashionable and stylish our Pintuck Line of fabrics create a unique look to any tablecloth Overlay.
  • Kaleidoscope Square Tablecloth (Also known as Table Overlays)

    Are you looking for a way to infuse celebratory mood to your upcoming event? If your answer is in affirmative, then you must focus on sprucing up the décor of your event venue to make your event a grand one.

  • Bienvenue Fancy Swirls Tabletop Overlay

    Dress your table countertop to everyone’s envy with the Bienvenue Fancy Swirls Tabletop Overlay. The table overlays are passionately designed to challenge the term beauty itself.

  • Extravagant Fashionista Table Overlays

    It’s about time to bid adieu to those monotonous events, where the ambience of the occasion doesn’t create any impression on the minds of your guests. Pep up your next hosting event with a fresher look that can enliven the entire environment.

  • 72" Exclusive Couture Table Overlay

    Drape all the round tables of your event venue with 72" Exclusive Couture Table Overlay and you are ready to host your event without any fuss. The table overlays will give a quick dressing to your entire table ensemble.

  • Imported Rosette Overlays

    Planning to host a gala event, wherein you can impress your guests with the lavishness of the occasion? If yes, then uplifting the looks of the table top is a good way to enliven the entire ambience of the occasion.

  • Chevron Sequin Table Overlays

    Move away from the regular table fabrics that flaunts the table tops of your event. Introduce the Chevron Sequin Table Overlays to the event and let your event be filled with a dazzling aura that is distinct in itself.

  • Forest Taffeta Table Overlays

    Have you ever wanted to host an event that offers an ambience that resembles the mysterious and elegant Mother Nature? If your answer is in the affirmative, the Forest Taffeta Table Overlays are a sensible pick that can help you recreate such an amazing ambience with minimal effort.

  • Bejeweled Sequin Line

    Do you wish to dazzle everyone while hosting your next event? If you do, then you must take extra care while decorating and arranging the event venue. The Bejeweled Sequin Line of table overlays is a perfect choice to spruce up the entire table ensemble of your event.

  • 72" Beverly Hills Waves Overlays

    A well adorned table countertop has always played a significant part in creating an energetic ambience in an event. An elegant table fabric has never failed to spruce up the ambience of an event by dressing the table ensemble to match the mood of an event.

  • Fashionista Table Overlays

    It requires a lot of fashion sense to set a new fashion statement and a new trend. Doing so in the events that you host, not only requires a keen fashion sense but also needs zeal to offer something unique.

  • Fairy Dust Overlay

    Let your guests experience fairy tale exquisiteness at your upcoming event. Let the fairy tale aura come alive, with Fairy Dusty Overlay draping the table tops of your event.

  • Sequin Studded Lace Overlays

    Let your next event be memorable without overspending with a table linen option that guarantees accolades! Dress your table countertop with the Sequin Studded Lace Overlays and bring in the glitter and shine of stars to the occasion.

  • Premium Polka Dot Square Tablecloth

    Drape your square table top with the Premium Polka Dot Square Tablecloth and let your next event be memorable one. These unique Polka Dot design has been a favorite among the professional hosts like hotel/banquet managers, bar/restaurant managers and wedding planners since its inception.

  • Premium Stripe Square Tablecloth

    Are you tired of searching for those perfect tablecloths that can uplift the spirit of the square table tops of your event? If your answer is in affirmative, the Premium Stripe Square Tablecloth may be the perfect solution for you. Made of the best linen, these table fabrics are characterized by smooth texture and high durability.

  • Spun Polyester Overlays - (high quality polyester)

    Get away from the ordinary; add an extra tinge of brightness and jolliness to your entire event. The Spun Polyester Overlays - (high quality polyester) will help you spiff up any occasion at equal ease.

  • Premium Polyester Check Overlays

    A gracefully decorated table countertop is something that can make an event a success. A table fabric that combines ascetics with functionality is highly desirable for any kind of event. The Premium Polyester Check Overlays are a good way to add liveliness to your table ensemble.

  • Econoline Polyester Check Overlays

    Increase the style quotient of the overall decor of your banquet halls, restaurants and clubs with our Econoline Polyester Check Overlays, transforming the lackluster banquet tables into elegant celebration tables.

Table Overlays

Razatrade has one of the best selections available for table overlays and table linens. Ourpremium polyester table overlays are some of our best sellers. Check out our vast selection of polyester tablecloths. We carry a huge selection of the best quality premium and economy table overlays available online.

Our quality premium and economy table overlays come in many sizes and colors. Do you need help choosing the right table overlay for you event? Contact a Razatrade representative by calling our toll free number 800-831-6326 and find out how we can offer you our knowledge and expertise when selecting the perfect fit table overlay.

Wholesale Table Overlays for Weddings, Banquets & Special Events

In the market for table overlays? You won’t find a better selection or better prices than at Raza Trade. We offer a wide assortment of table overlay products to dress up any table.

If you host special events, a tablecloth overlay is a great way to add pizzazz to weddings, corporate events, banquets and more. By creating a layering effect, an overlay instantly dresses up an ordinary tablecloth and helps pull together a complete and polished look.

Wedding table overlays are especially great for couples who have more than one color for their reception theme or who want to drape their signature color over a white tablecloth. With so many great fabrics to choose from, including satin, embroidered lace and organza, we have wedding table overlays to match every couple’s wedding style.

You’ll also find styles and colors perfect for accessorizing banquets and other special events. To complete the look, we also offer coordinating napkins, sashes, chair covers and more. Purchasing all of your linens from Raza Trade will allow your company to pull together special events that will look stylish and professional.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-831-6326 or e-mail us at One of our professional designers would be happy to discuss the specifics of purchasing wholesale table overlays and other professional linens with you.

We look forward to doing business with you and helping you find the right linens for your company’s needs.