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  • Satin / Dupioni Tablecloths

    Fabric: Satin, feels like silk
    Size: 6 different sizes
    Edges: Seamless up to 120"Colors: 39 colors
    Care: Machine washable
    24-48 Hour Turnaround
    Ships from New jersey
    Made in USA
  • Premium Matte Satin/Lamour Tablecloth

    Don’t assume that table tops can’t be fashionable. Yes! You can make the most unassuming event setting look visually appealing and chic with some degree of planning of stylizing these basic essentials. Now, keep everything exquisite, stacked in a way that your table setting looks more impressive while giving a facelift with bulk priced Premium Matte Satin/Lamour Tablecloth. The quintessential inexpensive Tablecloth nicely decorates counter-top.
  • Econoline Lamour (Matte Satin) Tablecloths

    Break away from the monotonous ambience of the events that you host. Hosting an event is not enough; an event should be celebrated and what could be more invigorating than adding color and style to the event

  • Econoline Satin Tablecloths

    Fabric: Satin -stain & wrinkle resistant
    Size: 7 different sizes
    Edges: Seamless
    Colors: over 15 colors
    Care: Wash with like colors – warm water
    24-48 Hour Turnaround
    Ships from California

Transform ordinary party tables into attention-grabbers with Satin Table Linens - the preferred choice of event planners and property managers! Elegant Satin Linens comprises of many alluring hues, sizes and brilliant styles, making it easy for you to choose the best table accents that can do justice to the type of décor you prefer. With a slightly glossy sheen, soft surface and that typical luxurious feel, these satin tablecloths will impress guests. For all event managers looking for contemporary or classy ambience, we have uniquely the largest online collection of quality-tested Table Linens that compliment lavish dining spreads, ranging from grand dinners to corporate luncheons.

For creating truly plush table settings, party organizer can use Satin Table Cloths with complementing satin runners and chair slashes in a color that goes well with their party theme or contrasting hues that help to create a point of visual interest. We have a unique, and expanding, range of options in Satin/Dupioni Tablecloths, Premium Matte Satin/Lamour Tablecloths, Econoline Lamour (Matte Satin) Tablecloths and Econoline Satin Tablecloths—each an event-hosting industry favorite, ordered by professional event planners and property managers.

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