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  • Metallic Scroll Round Tablecloths

    As any party or event seems incomplete without some foodstuff, the serving table presentation is incomplete without a tempting tablecloth. An organizer is not only responsible for great food arrangements but also the table top presentations, which are equally significant.

  • Metallic Scroll Rectangular Tablecloth (Also known as Banquet tablecloths)

    Add a flavor of class with the essence of style, while decorating an impressive-looking guest table and what’s better then a blend of fashion and class coming together. The Metallic Scroll Rectangular Tablecloth also known as Banquet Tablecloth is an easy to clean, soft and majestic looking piece of fabric.

  • Metallic Scroll Square Tablecloth (Also known as Table Overlays)

    Professional and non professional hosts will agree to the fact that gracefully decorated table tops play a pivotal role in making an event a grand success. An elegant tablecloth has the capacity to enliven the guest tables at ease.

  • Metallic Scroll Fitted Tablecloth

    Tablecloths play an important part in uplifting the style quotient of the table tops. However, with the market flooded with a wide range of table fabrics, finding the one that truly accentuates the entire table ensemble is not an easy task.

  • Metallic Scroll Napkins

    Napkins are one of the most essential elements for any kind of table setting. Placing a set of napkins on the guest tables have become a necessity, which all kinds of professional hosts like Wedding Planners, Catering Companies, Hotel/Restaurant Managers etc follows religiously.

  • Metallic Scroll Table Runner

    Many a time, tablecloths are not enough to accentuate the beauty of the table tops at your event. An elegant table runner also goes a long way to redouble the already gorgeous view of the guest table.

  • Metallic Scroll Chair Sash

    To make an event a grand success, a host should focus on decorating the venue to add a tinge of vivacity to it. Beautifying your entire chair and table ensemble goes a long way to make your event a gala one. One way to do so is by draping your table and chair ensemble with the Metallic Scroll Sash.

  • Premium Metallic fabric by the yard

    Choosing a right type of fabric for your event is the desire of every host. Whether it’s a birthday bash, wedding celebration, barbeque gathering or a corporate meet, one thing that remains common is the décor.
  • Metallic Scroll Oval / Oblong Tablecloths

    Draping the table tops with the incredibly luxurious tablecloth can revive the overall look of the guests table in an event. Uniquely drafted out of the highest-grade linen, the Metallic Scroll Oval/Oblong Tablecloths aim to boost and intensify the appeal of the guest table.

  • Metallic Scroll Swatch

    Only the professional hosts like Wedding Planner, Hotel Banquet Manager and Restaurant/ Bar Manager knows the importance of decorating the table and chair setting to make an event a grand success.

Premium Metallic Scroll Table Linens

You might have wondered how professional party planners get the décor right, every time though they are limited by a budget. The trick lies in spending smartly and on things that might seem unassuming but make a huge impact. This includes table linens that are humble in their presentation but can make a world of difference to strike the right chord with guests that makes the celebrations memorable! It needs a lot of time and effort to recreate an ambience that can strike the right note with the guests. Decorating your table and chair ensemble with the finest of linens is one of the ways through which you can make the ambience of your event livelier. The Premium Metallic Table Linens are one of the best choices to enliven the table ensemble as well as the entire ambience. The fabric incorporates a combination of both cyclic and flowery pattern lending the fabric its uniqueness. The metallic colored spiral pattern integrated judiciously on the fabric, lends glitter, elegance and lavishness to it. Made of the best quality polyester, these table fabrics are not only high in aesthetics but are also high in durability. You can use these table fabrics at all kind of gala events, such as engagement parties, destination weddings, proms, corporate events, and bar mitzvahs. The Premium Metallic Table Linens will not only add glamour and sparkle to your event but will also make it a truly memorable one. You can use these linens for designing the best quality tablecloths, chair sashes, and napkins.