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  • Kaleidoscope Round Tablecloths

    For obvious reasons, we do not remember all the events that we attend. It’s only a handful of them that remains in our memory. Let your next event get clubbed among the handful of memorable ones that your guest would cherish long after the event comes to an end.

  • Kaleidoscope Rectangular Tablecloth

    Be a smart host and drape the tabletops of your event with the finest of fabrics. Introduce Kaleidoscope Rectangular Tablecloth to the Banquet tables of your event. These table fabrics incorporate two open-ended spiral beads pattern across the entire length and breadth of the fabric.

  • Kaleidoscope Square Tablecloth (Also known as Table Overlays)

    Are you looking for a way to infuse celebratory mood to your upcoming event? If your answer is in affirmative, then you must focus on sprucing up the décor of your event venue to make your event a grand one.

  • Kaleidoscope Fitted Tablecloth

    Host your upcoming event in style. Drape the table tops of your event to everyone’s envy with the sophisticated and lively Kaleidoscope Fitted Tablecloth. The unique design of the table fabrics replicates the reflective effects of mirror in colorful and vibrant fashion.

  • Kaleidoscope Napkins

    Professional hosts like Banquet Managers, Hotel and Restaurant Executives, and Wedding Planners stands in the same boat, when it comes to sprucing up an event. They all need to spend considerable amount of time and effort to focus on the minutest of details while decorating the event venue.

  • Kaleidoscope Table Runner

    Infuse a fresh lease of life to the table ensemble of your events. Drape Kaleidoscope Table Runner across the tabletops of your event to infuse vivacity and vividness to the table ensemble as well as the occasion.

  • Kaleidoscope Chair Sashes

    A comfortable chair along with a table has always been a necessity for hosting any kind of events. And a chair that complements the look of the entire chair and table ensemble along with uplifting the mood of the event décor is far better option.

  • Premium Kaleidoscope fabric by the yard

    Accomplishing an aura of love and beauty in an event is the desire of every host. From table ensemble to chair essential everything plays a crucial role in setting a tone of the event. So, if you are looking for the finest of fabrics, then the Premium Kaleidoscope fabric is a prudent pick.
  • Kaleidoscope Oval / Oblong Tablecloths

    Hosting a grand and memorable event has become easier with ‘Kaleidoscope Oval / Oblong Tablecloths’. The table fabrics incorporate two open ended spiral beads formation across the entire length and breadth of the fabric, recreating an amazing colorful display that replicates the amazing Kaleidoscopic phenomena at its best.

  • Kaleidoscope Swatch Card

    Kaleidoscopes have amused both children and adults alike for decades. Now you can bring the starry and multicolored pattern offered by the Kaleidoscopes to the events that you host. We offer fabrics that includes kaleidoscopic pattern in them.

A Kaleidoscope is a cylindrical instrument that creates a colorful and starry visual with the help of mirrors along with other objects like pebbles, beads etc. The amazing reflective phenomena of mirrors, created by Kaleidoscopes have amused both children and adults alike for decades. With Kaleidoscope Table Linens, you can introduce the similar witty effects to your table and chair ensemble. The Kaleidoscope design follows two open ended spiral pattern in beads formation. The design in the backdrop of contrasting single shade fabric accentuates the beauty of the whole fabric. The Kaleidoscope Table Linens comes in nine different colors such as Blush, Brown, Crimson, Fire Orange, Khaki, Maize, Papaya, Turquoise/pink and Wheat. You can select the one that suits the ambiance of your event. These fabrics are popular among various types of professional hosts like Wedding planners, Banquet Managers, Hotel and Restaurant Executives, for their elegant look. We offer these best quality table fabrics at very competitive price. For best deals you can order these at .