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Premium Kaleidoscope Table Linens

A Kaleidoscope is a cylindrical instrument that creates a colorful and starry visual with the help of mirrors along with other objects like pebbles, beads etc. The amazing reflective phenomena of mirrors, created by Kaleidoscopes have amused both children and adults alike for decades. With Kaleidoscope Table Linens, you can introduce the similar witty effects to your table and chair ensemble. The Kaleidoscope design follows two open ended spiral pattern in beads formation. The design in the backdrop of contrasting single shade fabric accentuates the beauty of the whole fabric. The Kaleidoscope Table Linens comes in nine different colors such as Blush, Brown, Crimson, Fire Orange, Khaki, Maize, Papaya, Turquoise/pink and Wheat. You can select the one that suits the ambiance of your event. These fabrics are popular among various types of professional hosts like Wedding planners, Banquet Managers, Hotel and Restaurant Executives, for their elegant look. We offer these best quality table fabrics at very competitive price. For best deals you can order these at .