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  • Chair Sashes - Animal Print

    Chair Sashes - Animal Print

    • Length : 6" x 108"
    • Ships from California
    • 24-48 Hr Turnaroud
  • Diamond Buckle (for chair sash)

    Hosting a grand event requires investment of lots of time and effort. The host should be extra careful to look in to the minutest of details, such that the event doesn’t becomes flop due to the negligence of one small but important part.

  • Econoline Spandex Chair Sash

    If you are searching for chair sashes that characterizes sharpness, boldness and style without too much complication, the Spandex Chair Sash are the one that wil suit your needs perfectly.

  • Flocking Chair Sash

    Flower’s ability to instill beauty, freshness and exuberance to the surrounding is something that has made them so popular and attractive among the people. With Flocking Chair Sash you can bring the same flowery aura to the events that you host.

  • Herringbone Polyester Chair Sashes

    Add a royal and attractive look to your special event with the Herringbone Polyester Chair Sashes- one of the bestselling prepositions of The Herringbone Polyester Chair Sashes adds a stunning look to the chairs and enhances the décor of the venue.

  • Kaleidoscope Chair Sashes

    A comfortable chair along with a table has always been a necessity for hosting any kind of events. And a chair that complements the look of the entire chair and table ensemble along with uplifting the mood of the event décor is far better option.

  • Metallic Scroll chair Sash

    To make an event a grand success, a host should focus on decorating the venue to add a tinge of vivacity to it. Beautifying your entire chair and table ensemble goes a long way to make your event a gala one. One way to do so is by draping your table and chair ensemble with the Metallic Scroll Sash.

  • Premium Crinkle Taffeta Chair Sash

    If you are looking for a table essential that is not just practical, but is also stylish enough to uplift any mundane event décor to exciting, then the Premium Crinkle Taffeta Chair from is a prudent pick.
  • Premium Faux Burlap Chair Sash

    A chair’s importance in an event is not merely for its ability to help the guests’ seat and rest. A chair also goes a long way to complement the décor of an event.

  • Premium Matte Satin/Lamour Chair Sash

    In an event, chairs are not only used for the purpose of offering the comfort of taking rest/seating, they are also used as a decorative element to liven up the event decor.

  • Premium Polka Dot Chair Sash

    To enliven the entire ambience of your event, you need to take extra care of the chair and table ensemble at the venue. These can be done by introducing the finest of fabrics to your event. The Premium Polka Dot Sash is one such fabric which can uplift the spirit of your chair and table ensemble at ease.

  • Premium Polyester Sashes

    Wanna make your event a grand success? Looking for something impressive? Try the Premium Polyester Sashes offered by and be a game changer. These great quality chair sashes are a must-have for setting a well-groomed ambience.

  • Premium Stripe Chair Sash

    In an event, chairs are not only used for the purpose of resting/sitting. They also play a far greater role in uplifting the mood of the ambience of the room.

  • Econoline Polyester Sashes

    Both professional and non-professional hosts will agree to the fact that a beautifully decorated chair and table ensemble goes a long way in making an event successful. And introducing the best of fabrics to the furniture at the event can help you spruce up the décor of the occasion.

  • Premium Chevron Sash

    Chevron is a renowned brand in the niche of premium quality sashes for chairs.
  • Pintuck Sashes

    Are you tired of hunting for the right kind of chair sashes that can not only complement your finely draped table tops but can also invigorate the spirit of your next event? If your answer is in affirmative, then the Pintuck Sashes can be one of the best options for you.

  • Econoline Crinkle Taffeta Chair Sashes

    Hosting an event to the satisfaction of your guests has never been a easy task. It needs lots of planning and effort to make an event joyful and celebratory for all.

  • Embroidered Chair Sashes

    In an event, chairs are not only used for seating purposes, they are also used to uplift the décor of your event venue. Gracefully decorated chairs not only accentuate the beauty of the entire chair and table ensemble but also give a face lift to the entire event décor.

  • Econoline Satin Sashes

    Leonardo da Vinci once quoted - Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. If you wish to stick to this meaningful saying, while hosting your next event, Econoline Satin Sashes can help you give the chairs a simple yet sophisticated touch.

  • Econoline Satin Lamour Chair Sash

    While hosting an event, it’s not only the table tops that needs a touch of elegance, the chairs accompanying the tables also needs a sensible decoration. However, with the marketplace flooded with a wide variety of chair sashes, finding the one that offers best quality is a huge challenge.

  • Econoline Organza Chair Sashes

    If you wish to enliven the ambience of an occasion to its best, you need to put lot of time and effort to decorate the event venue.

  • Special Design Organza Sashes

    In this section, we offer designer chair sashes adorned with exclusive patterns like the White Sheer Organza Chair Sash with cherry blossom design, White Sheer Organza Chair Sash with rose design, White Sheer Organza Chair Sash with peony design, and much more.
  • Chiffon Curly Chair Sashes

    Decorate party chairs in the most stunning way with Chiffon Curly Chair Sashes, available at at reasonable prices. In this niche, we offer exclusive chair sashes in special designs like the Chiffon White Curly Chair Sashes, Chiffon Rose Quartz Curly Chair Sashes, and much more.

Chair Sashes

Chair Sashes at wholesale prices. Find a wide selection of Elegant Bucket, Satin & Dupioni (reversible) Crinkle Taffeta Polyester & Banquet Chair Sashes. Razatrade stocks 100's of Chair Sashes and more for Wedding Decorations & Supplies.

Wholesale Chair Sashes for Weddings, Banquets & Special Events

A chair for any special event simply isn’t complete without an attractive chair sash. Whether your chairs are covered or they create a lovely presence on their own, they can still be dressed up with a sash to offer a more elegant, finished appearance. Adding a sash is also a terrific way to tie the room’s décor together beautifully and to create the perfect ambiance.

At Raza Trade, we offer many styles of chair ties to choose from at the lowest wholesale prices available. Our sashes for chairs are available in either satin or organza fabrics, and with the rainbow of colors offered in each style, you are sure to find the ones that are suitable for your event. Choose from different shades of greens, blues, reds, neutrals and many more.

If you are an event planner or banquet hall owner, you know having various styles and colors of table décor linens and chair bows at your disposal is a wise decision. Whether you are coordinating a wedding reception or an anniversary party, you can find all the event linens you will require right here at

With our great pricing options and outstanding customer service, shopping is a breeze. We offer convenient online ordering and reliable shipping options. If you have any questions or would like to place your order by phone, please feel free to call us anytime. A friendly customer service representative will be more than happy to assist you.