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  • Polyester Cloth Napkins (Premium)

    Napkins are an essential part of any nicely spread table counter-top. Its importance becomes higher when you are hosting an event that involves a huge guest base.

  • Satin Cloth Napkins (Econoline)

    A beautifully decorated table ensemble is one thing that is common among party halls, banquets, casinos, business parties, wedding feasts, festivities and any other big events.

  • Satin / Dupioni Cloth Napkins

    You are hosting a cocktail party or a anniversary celebration or any other big-ticket event, a properly dressed-up table countertop with perfectly matching napkins is a necessary requisite.

  • Pintuck Cloth Napkins

    A hotel or banquet professional/host knows the importance of an elegantly dressed and decorated table countertop.A stylish and refined table countertop accessorized with a perfectly matching napkin goes a long way to make your event a success.

  • Premium Polka Dot Napkins

    While hosting an event, a host always remains extra careful in decorating the guests table to its attractive best. However, delivering a sophisticated look to your table ensemble is not an easy task. It needs lot of time and effort to do that. You need to be extra careful to the finest of details, while decorating a table ensemble.

  • Premium Stripe Napkins

    Presentation is one of the most important elements for organizing an event and when it comes to dinning, from serving to eating to the final takeaways, presentation includes all. Hence, dining table assembling not only includes the food or the tablecloth but also another aesthetically and functionally essential element—Napkins.

  • Faux Burlap Cloth Napkins

    Planning to host a gala event? Do not miss out of the table essentials. A table with a nice decorated counter-top can make or break your event.
  • Animal Print - Cloth Napkins

    You are hosting a birthday bash or marriage ceremony or any other event, a properly dressed-up table counter-top with perfectly matching napkins is a bare necessity.
  • Cotton Cloth Napkins

    Are you hosting an event and wishing to add those graceful cotton napkins that only the finest hotels, resorts and award-winning restaurants provide? If the answer is yes, then Cotton Cloth Napkins will make your wish come true.

  • Herringbone Polyester Napkins

    Create a perfect ambience for the event by decorating any venue with this Herringbone Polyester Napkins. Herringbone Polyester Napkins are perfect to add vivacity to the decor of the venue. The napkins offer elegant and sophisticated look making the venue decoration magnificent.
    The attractive looking Herringbone Polyester Napkins are eligible to enhance the charm of any occasion. The best quality napkins uplifts the décor of any venue, be it a party or professional get together.

  • Jute Burlap Cloth Napkins

    If you are planning to host a gala event, do not miss out of the table essentials. A table with a nice decorated countertop can make or break your event.

  • Kaleidoscope Napkins

    Professional hosts like Banquet Managers, Hotel and Restaurant Executives, and Wedding Planners stands in the same boat, when it comes to sprucing up an event.

  • Metallic Scroll Napkins

    Napkins are one of the most essential elements for any kind of table setting. Placing a set of napkins on the guest tables have become a necessity, which all kinds of professional hosts like Wedding Planners, Catering Companies, Hotel/Restaurant Managers etc follows religiously.

  • Premium Chevron Napkins

    From party halls to commercial dining areas or wedding feasts at a king-sized backyard, a dining ensemble is an essential part of such events, providing a dedicated countertop for eating, drinking, serving, etc.
  • Premium Matte Satin/Lamour Napkin

    Napkins are an indispensable part of any nicely spread tabletop. Its significance becomes higher when you are hosting an occasion that involves a huge guest base. The Premium Satin Lamour with its contemporary and luxurious look is a natural choice.

  • Satin Cocktail Cloth Napkins

    Hosting a sophisticated reception party or an elegant cocktail party has become easier with Satin Cocktail Cloth Napkins. Add these napkins to your table ensemble and be sure to add stars to your event.

  • Satin Lamour Cloth Napkins (Econoline)

    A well decorated table countertop is what makes even a normal event an eventful and impressive occasion. A table countertop, accessorized with a napkin along with a matching tablecloth is sure to uplift the look of the entire table ensemble.

  • Polyester Check Cloth Napkins

    If there is something in common among an engagement party, prom, barbecue gathering, wedding party, family reunion, picnic or any other social gathering, it is a table with a nicely decorated counter-top.

  • Poly Stripe Cloth Napkins

    Making your event a memorable one will be much easy with a table that is well decorated. A table counter-top, accessorized with a napkin along with a matching tablecloth is something that will not only uplift the look of the entire table ensemble.

  • Spun Polyester Cloth Napkins - (Premium high quality)

    Napkins are an indispensable component of any contemporary table countertop. While hosting a gala event that involves a huge guest base, its significance increases multifold.

  • Premium Crinkle Taffeta Napkins

    Professional hosts of all kind would agree to the fact that it needs a detail-oriented eye to organize an impeccable event. Keeping an eye on smaller yet important details like napkins goes a long way in making an event a successful one. The importance of Napkins becomes multi fold, when the event includes luncheon or dinner spread in its itinerary.

Cloth Napkins for Tabletops

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Wholesale Table Napkins for Weddings, Banquets, & Special Events

Raza Trade has an excellent selection of party napkins perfect for any occasion – weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, corporate events and more. Our premium 20” x 20” square polyester napkins are available in 65 colors to match any decorating theme or party décor.

At Raza Trade, we know that sometimes it’s the little things that count. When it comes to planning an event and creating a cohesive party theme, those details include party napkins. Every invitee at your event will use a napkin and will take notice of its quality, weight and texture.

While a party napkin is only one part of the entire table setting, it helps tie the color scheme together. In fact, a napkin is probably the most essential linen on the table in addition to the tablecloth. High-quality wholesale linen napkins from Raza Trade will help elevate any table setting and make a statement of its own.

Whether you are shopping for wedding reception or banquet napkins, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Raza Trade. We sell our products in sets of 12 so it’s easy to offer your clientele an even number of napkins for their event. Our prices are the most affordable in the country so you can always count on getting a great deal!

Offer your clients the very best with wholesale cloth napkins from Raza Trade. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-831-6326 or e-mail us at We are always available to help you select the colors that would be best for your business.